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Orphanage Home of As-Solihin is situated in Kanchong Darat, Banting, Selangor. It is built on the purpose of having the awareness and responsibilities to give a hope in life for the orphans among the needy. The actual responsibility rests on the shoulders of every community no matter where they are. The awareness to build a more comfortable life is not just to provide nece… Read More



Orphanage Home of As-Solihin is established back in January 2010. The house is located in Banting Selangor Lot 839, Jalan Aman, Kanchong Army, 42700, Selangor. It is originally a house of a married couple named Ustaz Molyana and his wife. This married couple created the idea of opening a home for the less fortunate children to ensure a better life for th… Read More